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Simply The Best Free USA Chat App Out There.

People searching for USA chat rooms find our chat rooms all the time, and they almost all say the same thing. "Wow, this is the nicest free chat I have seen". At USA Chat Club our chat rooms are feature rich & allows for several types of interactions with other users. Want to share YouTube videos with a friend and chat about it while you watch? No problem. Need to send a private message or a file to a friend of yours or a family member? No problem! USA Chat is fully encrypted and allows you to share YouTube & nearly all file types directly with other users.

Fast Chat Rooms.

USA chat is hosted in California and boasts an impressive total of 8 xeon intel processors. You can be sure that USA Chat Club chat rooms will always be fast and reliable whenever you want to chat in our chat rooms.

Free USA Chat.

Free USA chat rooms for everyone. USA Chat Club is free. You can get VIP membership that allows for extra features. Or, you can use our Android app and watch an in app "reward" video and earn a free membership.

Feature Rich Chat.

USA Chat Club chat rooms are full of great features that chat users want to see. Share pictures & files, YouTube videos, stream live music, upload an avatar & create a profile, change font colors & more.

Secure Chat Rooms.

USA Chat Club chat rooms are fully secured by modern encryption processes. We make sure that our chat users experience in our chat rooms are always secured from prying eyes on the internet. 100% encrypted chat.

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How Does USA Chat Club Work?

Sign-Up for Chat.

Decide if you would like to join USA Chat Club chat rooms as a Guest or Register as a Member. Simply click or tap Guest Login, or Register Now. Joining chat rooms is easy and you can even quickly login with your Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts with no registration needed.

PC, App or Both?

USA Chat Club offers the ability to chat from your PC browser, your cell phone browser, or the free Android chat App. We suggest that if you use your PC browser to chat, that you also get the Android chat app so you can chat on the go, or if you find yourself with extra time somewhere.

Choose a Chat Room.

USA Chat Club has fifty-one (51) public chat rooms. The main lobby, and a chat room for each state in the USA. Before you can chat with other users at USA Chat Club, you need to choose a chat room that you would like to enter. Guests & members can join all rooms but VIP rooms.

Start Chatting!

That's it, now you can start chatting with other chat users. USA Chat Club will have Admins and Mods online at all times in the Lobby if you need help. You can always add other chat users to your ignore list if they bother you. Click or tap to view their profile and click or tap "ignore".

Loaded With Chat Features You Will Absolutely Love.

Alright, let's get into some chat features, just keep in mind some chat room features are limited to VIP users only and not guests or regular users. Some features you can expect to see are: chat rooms Upload an avatar; upload an avatar to represent your messages in chat. chat rooms Upload files; upload pictures and other file types directly to other users in chat or via private message. chat rooms Username change; don't like your username? change it easily. chat rooms Show your mood; easily allow other users to know your mood by typing a custom mood under your username. chat rooms Verify your account; verify your account via email for extra features. chat rooms Emoticons; allows use of our emotion sets. chat rooms Username color; select what color you want your username to be. chat rooms Direct display; copy or drag URLS, images or files right into the chat. chat rooms Room creation; create your own chat rooms and set them to public, members only, private or password protected. chat rooms Buddy list; add users to your buddy list and easily find them in the chat rooms. chat rooms Buddy wall; all users get a wall that only they and their buddies can see, post and comment on.

Cloud Based Chat

USA Chat Club chat rooms are hosted using cloud based server technology. No matter the need required from our server, USA Chat Club will always run smooth and fast. Fast and secure chat rooms at USA Chat Club.

Voice & Text

Sometimes chatting with text only can leave confusion or loss of emotion. This is why we decided to offer free voice chat for all users at USA Chat Club. Type a message or send a voice message up to 2 minutes long.

Always Secure

Public chat rooms that are always encrypted and secure. Your privacy and safety in chat is important to us. Rest assured, USA Chat Club is 100% encrypted and there are always admins and mods online to help you out.

Play Games

Think you know a lot about the state you live in? Users can activate a different quiz and word scramble in each chat room. Have fun playing the word scramble & quiz and compete with other users on the scoreboard.

Group Chat

VIP users can create their own rooms and invite users into their group chat. Make your group chat public, private, VIP only or password protected. Group chats are great if you find yourselves in a crowded room or lobby.

Paid membership/VIP

Want to stand out in the crowd? Become a VIP USA Chat Club member today. With VIP membership you can access options and features regular members cannot. VIP members also get a special icon by their names.

Users Love Our Chat App!

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Gave up trying to find a nice chat app a while ago. Decided to do a search in Google Play recently to see if there was anything new. Glad I did look again after I had given up because this chat app is just what I was looking for.

Mark Anders
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Finally I found a chat app that is not dating driven for my state. I have already met some great locals in my state and had intelligent conversation. I can see this chat app being useful for someone planning to go to a different state but has some questions.

Glenn Belle
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Fast, easy to use and has all the features you can ask to have in a chat. I use it with my friends from school to share YouTube videos and watch them together. Pretty cool that I can search and post YouTube videos right in the chat. Great for studying.

Ruben Jackson

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VIP Pricing.

Nothing complicated here! USA Chat Club is always 100% free with no registration needed. We suggest VIP to all members for two reasons though. One, USA Chat Club VIP is super affordable. Two, with VIP membership you get access to all the chat features. You can do things other users cannot. Be a pro and look like a pro. Get USA Chat Club VIP membership today!



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