Current Events Foretold the Bible – Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United States


Rav Dror explains how current events have been explained by the prophecies in the Bible as well as the ancient Jewish stories (Midrashim).

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Rav Dror brings us rare honest pure principles of truth, that will touch the heart of anyone who truly tries to listen to his inspirational words. Our hope is that these inspirational videos will bring you closer to Hashem (The Creator) and inspire and motivate you to find your connection to God with joy, faith, and trust.
Rav Dror teaches us how to live a simple life with a strong emphasis on personal prayer with the creator.

Learn the real meaning of life, the real purpose in living, find fulfillment, acceptance, and discover the good points in yourself and others.
We help people worldwide find answers to lifelong questions, and discover a loving way in how to serve God, and how to reveal their spirituality with joy using their minds, their talents, and their emotions.

Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto is from Jerusalem, Israel, and gives all of his classes from the Emunah Center located in the heart of Jerusalem. The Rav Dror youtube channel and website were started to spread his inspiring classes all over the world.

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To contact Rav Dror send a whatsapp message to his personal assistant using the same number.

May the Creator Bless you always.

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