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Alaska / A Smokey Week of Dark Style
« on: July 10, 2019, 04:29:56 PM »
A Smokey Week of Dark Style

 Another week of smoky photos!  Alaska is experiencing an unusual heat wave and although the Interior of Alaska does normally get up to and past 90F in the summer, that normally means a very fiery and smoky summer.   The heat has been a little on and off but the smoke has been pretty miserable.  That said, this week I felt my looks were more cohesive and I feel pretty good about them.  This is the fancy star dress again - this time I wore the cosmic boots with it and between those, the star print and the silk cape, I love the black and gold color scheme.

 This is a pair of Frame pants I thrifted a while back. I like the fit and the crop flair but they wrinkle like crazy as you can see.  I also did an awful tuck job that was not helped by my tank being too thick for it, it ended up looking very lumpy.  The top is a silk Anna Sui for INC that I thrifted and is very lightweight so perfect for the heat.

 The temps were all over the place this day so I wore a jacket sometimes. I loved this way of styling the big pants from the last post, the crop top felt like a good proportion and the bag followed the color scheme well.  I also wore a lot of necklaces, I am defiantly not a "take one off before you leave the house" kind of person!

 This is one of my very favorite outfits.  The top is actually a Zara dress, the print is so fun and adds a good folklore vibe to an outfit, especially with the belt.  The robe is actually a Rick Owens wrap maxi that I just wore loose, I love the slightly villainous air it lent to the look.

 I loved this as well!  This is the forever21 maxi from a while back and one I found at our local consignment store last summer.  For a F21 item, the lace is surprisingly sturdy and I know because I get stuck in this thing every single time and have to go through some serious gymnastics to get it off and it still hasn't ripped or torn! (I don't know why, it think it is just because the bust is very fitted and I am too lazy to undo the tiny little buttons on the side every time.  I am a bad role model.)  Pork returned to her photobombing ways but she's such a doll I don't care.

 The bugs were bitting so much I only got two subpar pictures out of this.  I wish I had some cunning antidote about Alaskan mosquitoes but the truth is they bit really hard and there's a lot. (I ended up with huge welts from them this time, ugh. My perfume de la Bug Dope did not work very well.)

 The fancy boots again!  I didn't wear these very much last winter, of course, so now I need to wear them in the summer. I make no sense at all.  I wore a bunch of draped, wrapped stuff in this outfit and it was fun.

Oh man, I found this All Saints jacket on ebay last winter for $11. That's right, $11.  Boom!  The down side is that the sleeves are very fitted and I cannot wear a sweater under it and my sleeves bunched up too much for the lines to be smooth. Otherwise, an A+ look I felt, I loved how the top and the skirt had a Victorian influence but didn't feel very literal. 
Source: A Smokey Week of Dark Style

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Alaska / Lighter Summer Style
« on: July 02, 2019, 04:10:02 AM »
Lighter Summer Style

 Summer cape in a slightly lighter look, I like it with the richer colors of this Target dress I found at the thrift store. (The empire cut I not the most flattering but I like to try different silhouettes out.)

 Wearing the crop pants from the spring #30x30 in a more summery look. I think this would have been cute with a pair of clogs or boots but I was lazy and went for birks. 

 A silk robe, a winter kate top and shorts because it was hot again. I'm trying to work on styling shorts in a manner that doesn't read "shorts, a top and sandals" but more of an actual LOOK.  This doesn't quite make it but I think that might be due to the footwear choice here.

 The Target maxi with a fringe cape and heavy boots - I loved this even though it looks a little off balanced in photos.

 I went to a country music concert and I love the chance for some good cosplay er dress up opportunities.  I threw his together at the last moment but to be honest, I think I should have gone with my lace Free People French courtship dress and the Ariat boots instead, that would have been super country and I would have liked the proportions more.  That said, while I don't like the knee length proportion wise on me, it was perfect for dancing and we did a ton of that!  (It was the Joe Nichols concert - I was a barn manger for the 00's and while I did play Disturbed in the mornings, I had to play something more "family friendly" when students were there and there was a lot of Joe Nichols on the radio at that time. It was a fun blast from the past and I always like a concert where I can sing all of the songs.)

 Trying short outfits again but this was very lazy, I didn't even put on makeup this day. 

 Shorts again, this is getting closer to an actual look.  I might have it figured out by January at this rate.

 These are the pants from a few posts ago - I like the long version but I'm short and I just felt like SO much fabric. I cropped them to this length and I feel like I will get way more use out of them now!  The length works better for my height and with my shoes.

Too many pictures but this was a rare outfit where everything came together.
Source: Lighter Summer Style

Alaska Chat Rooms - USA Chat Club

Alaska / A Dash of Dark Summer Style
« on: July 01, 2019, 06:18:32 PM »
A Dash of Dark Summer Style

 Time for the summer cape to make a return!  By dark summer style I suppose I mean mostly in colors as the styles from this week had quite a range of aesthetics!   This is more along the lines of dark romance with the Rick Owens dress and wedges and then the Winter Kate silk cape with all of the embroidery and fringe.

 This is the white linen dress from last summer - I decided I wouldn't wear it that much with it being white so I dumped it in a bucket of RiteAid and turned it this molten gray.  I quite like it now with the darker color.  I wore it with the vest and some lace up sandals that like to fall down all of the time.

 I started out with wanting to wear an outfit inspired by Tony Jaa's wardrobe from The Protector and ended up with this, which isn't even close. (Maybe with the scarf, I like how his scarves were twisted and wrapped in the movie and I tried it with this longer, thin scarf I have but again, not really even close.) Outfit inspo failure aside, I loved this look.

 I've been trying some different pant silhoutes aside from skinny pants and this are just the best. 

 Just wearing a Rick Owens draped dress an a Rebecca Minkoff bag I found at VV for under $6. I know these bags are past their popularity but I like the shape and the snap and this one is a cool seafoam green.

 Wearing a literal animal print today - this is a Joie top from 2013 and has zebras, tigers and all kinds of animals on it.  I tied it over an older F21 I thrifted a while back and some birks.   It was really hot and I didn't want to wear all black so this was a nice, floaty option that still had visual interest going on but felt a little more in line with the dark summer look.

 I loved this outfit and took awful pictures, there was no shade anywhere.  It is just a draped top and a maxi but I liked the little touches of the big earrings with belt and then the  drape on the top and skirt.

Like I'm on Lookbook in 2011 guys.  Haha, I haven't worn my red docs in a while and I found a pair of ripped black jeans I actually like at the thrift store so the whole look came together. I liked how the fringed vest and the bag brought in the western touches I like while the drape of the top pulled in the darker vibes. I usually keep my styles separated within their genres but I like a little blending as well.
Source: A Dash of Dark Summer Style

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Alaska / Another Week of Summer
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:02:39 PM »
Another Week of Summer

 Another week of outfit posts! You'll have to forgive me, this set is mostly thanks to the goofy faces Sarge makes.  He is such a silly boy and then Dakota and a kid had to photobomb and be all cute. 

 Looking in totally different directions.....
 Now he's laughing at me...

 This is the jumpsuit again but with a tank top over it. I love all of the volume and it was very cooling to wear on a hot day. I wish I had gotten better photos but I took these right before heading to be. (I love it when it is so light so late at night!)

 My very old Anthropologie jumpsuit returns, this time with a robe for some pattern mixing and birks.  I liked how the colors of the two patterns were very similar, I felt it made them work and it was a fun look.

 A vest, a crop top and a RO skirt because why not.  It was really hot again so the crop top felt pretty nice!

 A crop top with some big pants this time!  I'm not crazy about the flatforms with the big pants, it fells a bit heavy at the bottom visually so I think next time I will wear boots or clogs or something.

 My old Free People dress, this time with a robe!  I have to say, I really hate this shoe choice.  I never like these shoes in an outfit despite them on paper being very "me" so I think it may be time to pass them along.  I think this would have been cuter with boots, clogs or sandals but not these shoes.

 Ok, on to an outfit I did like!  I wore my old thrifted clogs with this cotton dress and really liked it with the wrap worn as a scarf.

 I shamelessly copied this from an instagram user ( frisky_gatos) and loved it.  This is an old Joie dress with my cowboy Acne boots and it was just super fun to wear. Ha, I just realized I've ben using this Besty Johnson bag non stop lately -I love the embroidered strap, there's plenty of room in te bag and I have a lot of fondness for the brand.

 I apparently have my "dark and brooding" days where I wear all of the Rick Owens and the blue lipstick.  I loved this and had fun wearing it, enough said.

 A slightly lighter note with my old All Saints dress, a winter kate robe and a straw hat that I felt complimented the lines of the dress.

And both the robe and the cotton dress are back for this outfit.  I've really enjoyed layering this robe, it seems like it works well with other patterns, is light enough not to be too warm and adds lots of visual interest and layering to a summer look.
Source: Another Week of Summer

Alaska Chat Rooms - USA Chat Club

Alaska / Summer in the Mountains
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:14:22 PM »
Summer in the Mountains

 There has been  lack of posts and I apologize. It isn't like they were quality posts anyways.  Life has been stressful and busy and I've been pretty fried so I haven't been engaging very much for which I apologize.  I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. 

 My summer uniform right here, lol.

 We've had a lot of thunderstorms so far so this was an outfit for a wet and windy day.  Not exciting, I realize.

 I found a Y by Yohji Yamamoto skirt at the thrift store (so exciting!) and then apparently wrinkled the hell out of it before I took pictures.  I was told this looked like a vampire cowgirl outfit but I like goth Dolly Parton better.

 Hah, I have only a few shots of this because lightening started striking right next to me!  The storm rolled in so fast and it was one of the first times I'd heard a storm warning on the radio for summer! (Of course, I heard the warning after it hit.)  For as dark as the sky was, I'm surprised it photographed so light but I didn't have time to play with the settings. This is just a Rick Owens dress and vest with my old H&M coat and the free people sandals that are a few years old.

 My star maxi again, this time with a leather jacket and boots because we had another rain storm.  I wear my leaher jacket out in the rain because I feel like there's not much point to babying them (although I do oil them) and I like a "worn in" look to my clothes.

 I just loved this outfit - the rough jacket with the lace maxi and the tall boots really worked for me. It is one of those few looks where I wouldn't change anything.

 My favorite boots of all time and that is saying a lot, considering how much I love boots!  They look so cool with the Spell Designs maxi.

 I got this Free people tunic last winter at a consignment store in Tacoma (Meg and Me which was awesome!)  I wore it a little in the winter but had been saving it for summer and I love it over the star jeans! Also, not sure I had enough necklaces on....

 This is a suede vest I  found at the thrift store.  Summers can get really hot up here so I've been trying to find interesting ways to layer without dying.  We've been lucky that our hottest day so far has only been in the high 70s  because this would be too much for me otherwise but I liked the simple black dress with the boots and vest adding a little personality.

 A simple outfit formula, just my Rick Owens maxi skirt and a tee tied up.  I've been really happy having cool versions of what are "basics" for me - in this case a maxi skit would be a basic for summer wear and this RO skirt has a beautiful drape and movement to it, making a basic and special.

I'll end this on a good note  - this last picture is one of my very favorites of all time. What I pictured in my head ended up on camera and I feel like hey, maybe I am not totally awful at this picture thing!  I also loved my outfit this day. I had thrifted this Alice and Olivia cashmere cape last summer but forgot to get pictures of my outfits with it. I had one from last winter but for some reason I like wearing it more in the summer. 
Source: Summer in the Mountains

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Alaska / And a few more
« on: June 10, 2019, 08:09:06 PM »
And a few more

 I missed posting last week for the 30x30 and to be honest I got a bit burnt out.  There's lots going and bogging is falling to the back burner.  These are the last few oufits for the challenge.



 I really had fun wearing this jumpsuit with the lace robe and it was very comfortable for a hot day with the wide legs!

 Barbie feel asleep while I was trying t get her to pose all cool. And had a good roll in the one mud puddle after I  had brushed her.   Horses man. This is the last outfit for the challenge and now it is all the maxis all the time

Source: And a few more

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Alaska / Another Week of Outfits
« on: June 10, 2019, 12:58:05 PM »
Another Week of Outfits

 Hey ho everyone!  Welcome back to another week of the 3x30 aka the challenge hat I am really sucking at and that may never be over....I think I've learned with this challenge so far is that while I can bang out a short 10x10 because I can fit a theme nicely into it, it is a lot harder to d that with a 30x30 because I want to wear a bunch of different stuff and my mood for extraness varies from day to day.  if you've hung along so far, I commend you for your patience.  I put in a lot more effort this week and as a result, it looks a little more cohesive.
Above is an outfit I loved - a fancy embroidered dress with a leather jacket, my favorite black hat and these sick "Gabi" boots by Alexander Wang. I love interesting shoes and with the heel cut out on these make them some of my favorites. If my ankles would fit into the MM Tabi boots I'd save up for a pair for sure.  (Thanks ankles for saving me a bunch of money.)

 This dress use to be a favorite four or five years ago and I just haven't won it much in the past two.  Putting it in my challenge really rekindled my joy for it and I like how some of my newer items, like these Joe boots by Free People look with it.  And true talk, I felt like these boots have taken a lot of my outfits to the neck level.  They're awesome.

 I only got a few pictures and y battery died which is a shame, I loved the embroidered dress with hooded coat. 

 Woooo this was a day I was feeling the extra I suppose. This Isabel Marant top is one of my absolute favorite purchases this year. The embroidery is really stunning and  feel like it pushes the folklore aspect of my outfits farther.

 A simple look - coat, boots and a dress but with all of the details it was pretty interesting!

 I love these pants, they make me think of a divided riding skirt and I love how easy it is to take them in a western way style wise.

Not much to say, I didn't fall in the water and the people on the other side of the lake probably thought I was weird.
Source: Another Week of Outfits

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Alaska / Just one
« on: June 10, 2019, 12:16:52 AM »
Just one


I''ve been trying to upload pictures to Blogger for the past hour and so far have just these so I suppose today is quite a short post!  This is another outfit in the 30x30 with a hooded coat I found at Value village a while back and my H&M dress from 2014.  I was really pleased at how the coat and the dress layered and belting to coat kept it from being too overwhelming.   The coat is quite light so it works well for this in-between weather we've been having and hey, any coat with a hood is awesome!

Edit: Blogger maybe works!  I got a few more outfits from the 30x30 up so yay blogger for maybe working a little?


Source: Just one

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Alaska / 30x30 - the first part
« on: June 09, 2019, 06:58:55 PM »
30x30 - the first part


 Hello everyone!  I had a nice long post typed up and then...lost it all. Thanks Blogger. 
Ugh, oh well. 
I'm trying out a 30x30 - Kendi's 30x30 was a big inspiration for me to start blogging years ago so when this challenge came up on Instagram, I thought why not?  I started taking photos early because May might be a weird month for me but we also have some crazy weather changes going on. The challenge is to wear and style 30 items for 30 days. For myself, I included outerwear and shoes like the original 30x30 but some aren't. Outerwear is a big part of my style so I feel I would be cheating if I didn't.  With that, on to the first part of the 30x30.

Source: 30x30 - the first part

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Alaska / A Look At Spring
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:26:06 AM »
A Look At Spring

 Happy Spring!  Or at least, sort of spring. It keeps snowing here which is alright by me, dressing for the rising temps is not my strong point.  All of the layers and coats all of the time!  In this case, I found this skirt at Value Village and wow, is it beautiful. I like the midi length which is not something I would have thought I would.  I should have realized it is more about the proportions in relation to myself rather than writing them off because I am short.  I wore my cloak here and I love it. Cloaks need to come back as casual wear.  I looked up a bunch of older Valentino cloaks and wow, they add so much to a look.  They don't really work with a basic blue jeans/tee shirt outfit but swap out for black jeans, some killer boots and sweater or in this case, a midi skirt and it's a ~lewk.~

 t has been snowing off an on and I wish I had not taken the snow tires off my car!  I was tired so I jut threw on some Dr Martens and second hand Rick Owens stuff I've bought from ebay over the years and called it a day.

 The skirt again!  My bangs would not cooperate with me and look a bit meh. I knew this before I cut them, why did I do it? (Because every no and then they look great and I have hair amnesia.)  I love the collar on this sweater and how it goes with the skirt, the laced up boots kept it from being too sweet.

 Meh, I don't care for this.  These through longer hem is really throwing me off - I would have liked it with tall boots I think.

See, tall boots for the win!  

 The red cape strikes again! I like the tie cardigan with this embroidered dress, I just wish the weather would decided what to do,lol.

 I loved this look, these boots are too much fun and I always enjoy this coat.

 Hmmm, this was some interesting volume and layering, I am not sure how I feel about it.

 Blah, bad proportions for me here. This was a fun outfit to wear but the proportions look quite off in the photos.

 Now this I loved! I know people love to make fun of the Lita boots but I have such a fondness for them that it doesn't bug me,  ugly boots forever.

 Big pants!  If I had worn a more interesting top and a hat, I think this would have been great.  For me, I think taking an outfit to the extreme tends to work better than half assing it as I did here by taking the safe choice of a plain tank top.  An interesting top with twists or something would have matched the vibe and made it more intentional.

 See? Don't half ass it Katie!  Full ass all of the way!

We went to a ballet, I dressed up with this Black label Vera Wang gown I thrifted. I love Vera Wang's clothing lines - I think she is a great example of a diffusion line such as her line for Khol's really working. Everything in it looks very Vera Wang to me and I love the prints and cuts she does for it. I also love finding her fancier lines, this dress has a beautiful drape and twist to the bodice and there's a train to the skirt. 
Source: A Look At Spring

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Alaska / Walking into Spring
« on: June 08, 2019, 01:43:22 PM »
Walking into Spring

 Happy Tax day fellow americans! (such an exciting holiday...)   With that joyous salutation out of the way, here's a post at long last. April has really flown by and with it, all of our snow. These outfits are all from the past few weeks and you'll notice the snow slowly disappearing.  This is my first "nailed it" look with the red cape and I love it. So much that I took too many shots, whoops.  I like the long lines the maxi and the cardigan created and I think that works well with the length of the cape.
Just a shot of a full moon in the sunshine.

 This Victorian inspired All Saints coat has been a favorite lately, I like how it layers and even on a simple base look like jeans and a back sweater it looks dramatic.

 This coat is even better with a maxi dress and cardigan - I like this quite a bit more than my last outfit with this coat and a dress and that is because the proportions wok better for me.  There's also lots of volume

 I love these pants with Doc Martens but I've realized I don't love how "business pant" they look with the pockets and the top part of the pant.  I feel like the cut throws off the wide leg, cropped pant look I want.

 The citizens of humanity Fleetwood crops again - I love these so much! Currently my favorite pair of pants.  I branched off a bit and wore my Docs with these rather than my Alexander Wang boots and I really like how they worked with the cropped length.

 An ok look, I've been trying to play with proportions more and I like how this coat works with most dress lengths.

 I wore this skirt as a dress and it would have worked better with a different bra.  This one made the top too "foofy" where more of a minimizer strapless bra would have been more seamless.  I do like the Docs with it, I've been having a lot of fun wearing them lately.

 The cape again! This thrifted Topshop dress has tiny stars rather than dots and I love the cut so much! (Sorry about the weird close up, I wanted to show off my eyeshadow. I really liked it that day.)
 A meh look for sure which is why there is just one shot.

 Bare legs and docs!  I said I've been wearing them quite a bit lately, I've enjoyed how they look with my outfits and they are the perfect boot for the Alaska breakup season with all of the mud and slush.

I love the Jeffrey Campbell Litas that were so popular back in 2010/2011. They are such an ugly bastardization of a Victorian boot and I am here for it.  For as high as they are, they're very easy to walk and run in and I enjoy all of the extra height!
Source: Walking into Spring

Alaska Chat Rooms - USA Chat Club

Alaska / And some more winter to spring
« on: June 07, 2019, 08:28:47 PM »
And some more winter to spring

 Whoa, two posts in one week? Not really, my computer is being a dork and glitchy so light on the words today and heavy on the outfits! (sorry.)

Source: And some more winter to spring

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Alaska / Going into Spring
« on: June 07, 2019, 02:00:57 PM »
Going into Spring

 It is exciting to see the end of March in sight and it is even more exciting that sring has apparently shown up early this year.  It's been in the 50sf with all of the snow starting to melt off- March is unusually early as spring normally starts at the end of April but I am enjoying it.  These are from the past few weeks with lower temps. I wore my cowboy boots  with this outfit, I felt they went nicely with the All Saints green coat.  Aside from the coat and boots, it is a fairly boring outfit of black pants and sweater but I like that the accessory like the coat, scarf and boots add a little personality to it.

 These awesome fringe boots!  I always have such a hard time styling them even though I love them. I normally go very boring but someone suggested a mid dress and I cannot believe  had not thought of wearing this dress with these boots before. 

 Sorry, all I got were goober photos but it was those or really pissed looking photos. I was  tired this day and yeah, that's all I had. I did like this outfit, the Winter Kate top is always a favorite of mine and I've been having fun wearing these crop flare jeans.  I'm only 5'2 so I thought they wouldn't really work for me but I've been very surprised at how much I enjoy them now that I've played around with styling them a bit.

 Oh boy, this is some max twee going on but I found this 100% wool coat at the thrift store and I just loved it so much. Next time I think I'll wear it with a black maxi, the white dress did come across a bit too sweet. Bonus shot of Pork photobombing me and almost taking me out!

 I loved this until I saw the black lace top look like a striped pattern in the shots. For some reason that just ruins it for me.

 Nothin but love for this look.  So far I have loved my outfits with these jeans! They go really well with all of my embroidered tops and seem to work with most coat lengths.

I was losing daylight so I only had a few shots of this outfit but I really liked it.  The skirt has great movement and it goes so well with the floral old Navy Scarf from a few years ago.
Source: Going into Spring

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Alaska / A post
« on: June 07, 2019, 01:28:10 PM »
A post

 Good old March has just been kicking my butt with work and school so I've been extra sucky at updating the blog. Go me!  However, I have been trying to take pictures of my outfits because I do still have to get dressed and having fun with my outfits and general look is kind of the bright side to being so crazy. (Or perhaps it's the fun thing I've got going right now.)  This outfit is one of my favorites. I pulled out an old American eagle maxi skirt that has been featured quite a bit on the blog but this was quite a new way to style it. I had my Rick Owens coat on at first and felt like the outfit need a little more "oomph" so I threw on my cloak because hey, who does do that?

 Thank you for all of the great feed back on this cloak!  I only have this shot for this upload but I've been playing with it and I went with the suggested tall boots for this look. It was very sleek and evil feeling and I went with it and wore my black lipstick because even though I might be approaching my mid 30s this year, I still like fun makeup whether it is black lipstick and red eyeshadw or freaking bright pink sparkly eyes!

 Some more black lipstick with my coat layering, this was a fun outfit as well! These are some Rick Owens leather pants I found for a stupid deal but ugh, they are a little baggy in the leg and not in that cool, hip, super stack way.  I'm going to play with them and see if I can do some small alterations to make them work better.

 A little different from the past few outfits here - we had a big week of "music in our schools" and both of my children play instruments so every night was practice and performances. This is honestly a little dressed up but I felt the leather jacket and moto boots took if from being too dressy. Our town can be quite low key - the nicest restaurant in town has no dress code and many people show up in their "nice" Carhartts which no shade, I like that about our town. (But I like to be extra and as long as I am not dressed inappropriately for the situation, like wearing a prom dress to an outdoor bonfire in -40f or high heels to the barn, I think it's ok.)

 Ugh, bright, overhead sunshine and reflective snow with no shade around makes for lots of squinting and harsh light. Sorry.

 I've been trying to figure out how to style this Vivienne Westwood jacket I've had for years and it's....going ok I guess.  I like this outfit in theory but these wide leg pants look more bell bottom-y in the photos than I like.  I think next time I'm just going to play up the Victorian aspect of it.

 I like this and I do not.  The idea of it is ok but I would have liked a coat with a little more structure in the shoulders. The outfit otherwise was so soft and flowy everywhere that I think a sharper should would have balanced it out. I also did not realize how the cardigan buttoned up did not play well proportion wise with the waistline of the dress - the two not lining up really bothers me.  But it was fun to break out the cowboy boots!

 Oh hey, more leather pants. Not much to say, I loved this outfit.

 And this outfit I REALLY loved. I wore these pants this past fall and HATED them- they looked so awful an stumpy and I hadn't worn them again until a few weeks ago when I wore them with these boots and GAME CHANGER.  (In this case, I've worn my tops tucked in before and I much prefer that, I don't think the proportions of he top untucked are great but it's alright.)

Ending today's post on another outfit I loved, with a cape again.  They'll start calling me cape chick if I keep this up, or wanna-be-larper. 
Source: A post

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Alaska / A week of almost all secondhand clothes
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A week of almost all secondhand clothes

 Happy weekend everyone!  February is almost over and you know what? I cannot complain. It is normally such a cold month for us but not this year, this year it was down right enjoyable.  I've been having a lot of fun with my outfits lately and trying to play with some different silhouettes rather than my usual skinny jeans and boots.  These are the wide leg cords that my husband bought for me from Forever21 in Anchorage - I love these pants and for some reason they are my most compliment garment. People seem to really like wide leg cords!  I wore it with a teddy bomber from Zara I found at the thrift store, my tall Seychelles boots from 2013 that are still going strong and a vintage Pendleton bag. Aside from the pants, everything is second hand.   Actually, the whole week of outfits is comprised of completely second hand items from either ebay or the thrift store - aside from these pants. I almost never shop in retail stores these days and have tried to go completely second hand with my closet.  Seeing as I live in the literal middle of nowhere at the end of the road, that is not too bad! 

 I got new boots and I am so in love, I might never wear a different pair again. (Who am I kidding, I am not boot monogamous.)  They are tall Rick Owens that I found for a stupid low price on ebay, like 2% of the original retail price. I love how awkward and hoof like they are and I really enjoy the height. I go from 5'2 to 5'7 in these boots and whooooa, what a rush of power!  I need to be careful or my head might hit the top of the door frame! I can see the middle cabinet now!  I can look people level in the eye. Bwwahhhaaa!  I wore a light purple lip here and really liked it.

 This lipstick is very dark purple that looks black in photos! I've always wanted to wear black but felt like such a poser but after seeing these pictures, I'm gonna do it, I love it. I liked the dark lip with more of a folklore outfit, the contrast was fun.

 My husband and I celebrated our anniversary and I wore the same dress as last year, this Isabel Marant for H&M dress. I loved that collection so much and have slowly collected items from it as the resellers have chilled the freak out on ebay.  This is my fancy dress and I always enjoy breaking it out. It's silk with the panels wrapped around and is a super cool pattern that does not translate to photographs. To be honest, I am shocked at how nice it is, I wish H&M did this with more of their collaborations.

 Why do I have gray jeans, they are a betrayal of my soul. Ugh, I like them so much less than black jeans.  This might have been an ok outfit but they gray jeans bug me and I don't like how the RO cardigan laid, it made the look a bit awkward.

 Love this, layered the same coat from the last outfit under my RO coat with the deep hood and loved it.  The top is a Helmut Lang wrap one I've had for years and is a staple of my outfits.  The earrings are vintage silver ones and I love how big they are but not ridiculously heavy at the same time. 

 The same RO dress that I wore as a tunic last week but as a dress this time.  I layered an old BCBG  coat over a cardigan and I really liked the whole look.  My hair would not cooperate though.

 Pink wedges!  This outfit featured the  deep burgundy coat, the black top and skirt so I felt a pink shoes would be fun. It was.

 The advice I got on instagram was to strike a power pose to show of the wide leg crops, thus, my best Price George power stance! Hashtag accidental black adder.....

I think I hit peak outfit here, time to hang things up and go home, it will only go down from here. I LOVE this outfit, the all saints soviet coat is one I've lusted over for years and I am really excited I found it.  It is so swooshy! I've bought two other coats at the thrift stores over the years trying to dupe this coat and nothing comes close. (Although I do like my other two green coats and wear them quite a bit.)  I wore a gray lip with a sparkly overcoat ( Annastia Beverly Hills' Griffin lip stick with Too Faced's liquid lip sparkly topper...I don't remember the name, I'm sorry!)and it looked like a zombie ate a glitter bomb and went to prom, it was amazing.  It did not show up well in photos.  I am bummed.
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