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Yes, The Dems Should Visit Homestead. No, It's Not A Substitute For Engaging Latinos

COMMENTARY It’s a photo that makes a cry of pain slip from your throat. Lying face down on the bank of the Rio Grande in Mexico are the corpses of Salvadoran migrant Oscar Martínez and his toddler daughter Valeria. She is tucked inside his T-shirt; her tiny arm still clings to his neck. They drowned trying to cross the river into the U.S. this week – another tragic image, another border Pietà, for America’s bitter conversation about immigration and the suffering of migrant families.
Source: Yes, The Dems Should Visit Homestead. No, It's Not A Substitute For Engaging Latinos

Florida / San Francisco Bans Sales Of E-Cigarettes
« on: June 25, 2019, 10:51:19 PM »
San Francisco Bans Sales Of E-Cigarettes

Updated at 6:15 p.m. ET San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes in the city. The city is the corporate home of Juul Labs , the biggest producer of e-cigarettes in the United States. City Attorney Dennis Herrera co-authored the ordinance, and celebrated the final vote. "This is a decisive step to help prevent another generation of San Francisco children from becoming addicted to nicotine," he says. "This temporary moratorium wouldn't be necessary if the federal government had done its job," says Herrera. "E-cigarettes are a product that, by law, are not allowed on the market without FDA review. For some reason, the FDA has so far refused to follow the law. If the federal government is not going to act, San Francisco will." Juul responded to the final vote in a written statement to media, saying the ban will cause new challenges for the city. "This full prohibition will drive former adult smokers who successfully
Source: San Francisco Bans Sales Of E-Cigarettes

Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Must Be Tried Or Let Go, U.N. Rights Chief Says

The U.N.'s human rights chief says there are only two options for dealing with the tens of thousands of suspected ISIS fighters currently detained in Syria and Iraq: They must be either tried or let go, and their families cannot be detained indefinitely. Some 55,000 suspected ISIS fighters and their family members have been swept up and detained since ISIS was effectively toppled and lost control of its territory, the U.N. says . "It must be clear that all individuals who are suspected of crimes — whatever their country of origin, and whatever the nature of the crime — should face investigation and prosecution, with due process guarantees," U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said. She also warned that flawed trials "can only serve the narrative of grievance and revenge." "And the continuing detention of individuals not suspected of crimes, in the absence of lawful basis and regular independent judicial review, is not acceptable," Bachelet added. The U.N. official
Source: Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Must Be Tried Or Let Go, U.N. Rights Chief Says

Florida / Tsampa: The Tibetan Cereal That Helped Spark An Uprising
« on: June 23, 2019, 08:44:35 PM »
Tsampa: The Tibetan Cereal That Helped Spark An Uprising

On rare occasions as a kid, Renzin Yuthok and his family got to share a special breakfast. They'd gather around a table in their home in Bellevue, Wash., his dad would roll tsampa flour, butter and tea into balls called pa, and then he'd hand them out to his kids. The meal served a symbolic purpose for Yuthok: "From a very young age, [Tibetans] are taught that ... reclaiming our homeland ... is what our highest aspiration could be," he says. Yuthok's family fled Tibet in the 1950s, but their breakfast — and its grounding ingredient, tsampa — kept him connected to that dream. The word tsampa in Tibetan usually refers to ground-up, roasted barley flour, although occasionally the flour comes from wheat or another grain. It can be made into cereal, mashed into a poultice or mixed with yak butter and tea to make calorie-dense energy balls for long mountain treks (or breakfast treats for schoolkids). It's tossed into the air at religious ceremonies and can be incorporated into wedding cakes.
Source: Tsampa: The Tibetan Cereal That Helped Spark An Uprising

Satchmo In His Adolescence: 1915 Film Clip May Show Young Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong has served as the focus of many works of literature. Now, a few seconds of old film that appear to feature Armstrong as a teenage boy have captivated jazz journalist James Karst. If Karst's theory is correct, the clip from 1915 shows Armstrong at a turning point in his early life — years before he became famous and eventually legendary around the world. Karst tells NPR's Scott Simon that he stumbled upon the alleged clip of Armstrong on the Getty Images website. For the first beat of the eight-second clip, apparently taken from a newsreel, pedestrians cross a busy New Orleans street in 1915. Then, the boy who Karst suspects to be a 13 or 14-year-old Armstrong enters the shot. "A couple of seconds into this film clip, a newsboy walks into the scene," Karst describes. "His back is facing the camera at first. And then he turns around, and you can see that he's holding a newspaper — what I believe to be the New Orleans Item , an afternoon paper. And he briefly engages the
Source: Satchmo In His Adolescence: 1915 Film Clip May Show Young Louis Armstrong

Missouri Refuses To Renew License For State's Last Abortion Provider

Updated at 4:22 p.m. ET Missouri health officials on Friday refused to renew the license of the state's last remaining clinic that provides abortions, but the St. Louis facility will continue to provide abortions for now because a judge's order remains in place. In a letter to the clinic, state health official William Koebel wrote that the decision to not renew the license was "based on the serious, extensive unresolved deficiencies." The letter said the clinic has addressed some concerns outlined by state regulators but not others, leaving the facility out of compliance with state law. Earlier this month, a St. Louis Circuit Court judge granted Planned Parenthood's request to temporarily prevent state officials from revoking the clinic's license to provide abortions in the face of health officials attempting to revoke the license of the state's sole abortion provider. It was the latest in a series of short-term legal reprieves for the clinic. At a court hearing on Friday, Judge
Source: Missouri Refuses To Renew License For State's Last Abortion Provider

Florida / DeSantis Signs Higher Education Changes
« on: June 20, 2019, 10:30:32 PM »
DeSantis Signs Higher Education Changes

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday signed into a law a higher-education package that changes how public universities and colleges will fund construction projects, a top priority of House Speaker Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes. The bill (SB 190) was prompted, in part, by a high-profile financial scandal at the University of Central Florida. The university was found to have misused millions of dollars in state funds for a construction project.
Source: DeSantis Signs Higher Education Changes

Democrats Blast Biden For Recalling 'Civil' Relationship With Segregationists

Updated at 6:30 p.m. ET The day after former Vice President Joe Biden recalled his "civil" and productive working relationships decades ago with two longtime segregationist and racist fellow lawmakers, fellow Democrats are pouncing. At a New York City fundraiser Tuesday night, Biden told donors he has reached across the aisle throughout his career. "I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland," Biden said, according to a pool report. "He never called me 'boy'; he always called me 'son.' " "Well, guess what? At least there was some civility," Biden said, also pointing to a working relationship he forged with Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge, another segregationist Democrat. "We got things done. We didn't agree on much of anything. We got things done. We got it finished. But today, you look at the other side and you're the enemy. Not the opposition, the enemy. We don't talk to each other anymore." Eastland represented Mississippi in the Senate for decades. He decried integration in public
Source: Democrats Blast Biden For Recalling 'Civil' Relationship With Segregationists

Number Of Cuban Nationals Detained By ICE Has Skyrocketed, New Data Shows

The number of Cuban nationals being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has sharply risen over the last few years, according official data from the federal agency obtained by WLRN through a Freedom of Information Act request.
Source: Number Of Cuban Nationals Detained By ICE Has Skyrocketed, New Data Shows

Florida / Chinese President Xi Jinping To Visit North Korea This Week
« on: June 17, 2019, 10:11:18 PM »
Chinese President Xi Jinping To Visit North Korea This Week

Two key Asian leaders — both of whom President Trump has been trying to negotiate deals with — will meet Thursday, when Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to North Korea for the first time as president, Chinese and North Korean state media report. The two-day visit was prompted by an invitation from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to China's Xinhua News Agency. The meeting comes just days before Trump and Xi are supposed to meet at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. Trump is trying to reframe the trading relationship between the United States and China. He is also trying to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs. Xi and Kim have met several times, with the latest meeting in January. But this week's visit marks the first time a Chinese leader has traveled to North Korea in more than a decade, and it coincides with the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic ties. "I hope that this visit will contribute to the early resumption of talks on the
Source: Chinese President Xi Jinping To Visit North Korea This Week

The Food Business Incubator That Helps Immigrant Women Pursue The American Dream

"La Cocina" means "the kitchen" in Spanish. It's also the name of a business incubator based in San Francisco's Mission District. Since it began in 2005, it's been helping local food entrepreneurs, many of whom are low-income immigrant women, develop their small businesses. Over the years, many of its alumni have found success: More than 50 chefs in its program have become self-sufficient business owners, and many of them have opened their own brick-and-mortar restaurants. Two alumnae of its culinary program, Nite Yun and Reem Assil, were even recognized as semi-finalists for prestigious James Beard awards. A new cookbook, We are La Cocina: Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream , tells some of their stories. Mafé is a peanut stew that Nafy Flatley started cooking when she was 8 in Senegal. She is the owner of Teranga, a beverage company she founded with help from La Cocina. Eric Wolfinger Executive director Caleb Zigas says the non-profit La Cocina grew out of two grassroots
Source: The Food Business Incubator That Helps Immigrant Women Pursue The American Dream

Florida / Republican Strategist On Impeachment
« on: June 16, 2019, 01:49:35 AM »
Republican Strategist On Impeachment

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit SCOTT SIMON, HOST: The politics of impeachment continue to be a low buzz, mostly among a very small cadre of Democratic Congress people. Now and then, that buzz breaks into a loud hum; it did this week when President Trump gave an interview to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos in which he said... (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I think you might want to listen. I don't - there's nothing wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country - Norway - we have information on your opponent, oh, I think I'd want to hear it. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You want that kind of interference in our elections? TRUMP: It's not an interference. They have information. I think I'd take it. SIMON: Of course (laughter), Norway wasn't this country in question; it's been Russia. The president has since backtracked slightly, said he'd still look at the information but also report the encounter. Still, a U.S. president appearing to say he would
Source: Republican Strategist On Impeachment

South Florida Emergency Officials Turn To Drones, Mapping Data For 2019 Hurricane Season

Two years ago, it looked as if Hurricane Irma would make a direct hit to South Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people were ordered to leave their homes. Many did and found emergency shelters with no room and gridlocked traffic. Even when storms come and go within a day, recouping costs for local governments can take months and years. Last month, Miami-Dade County learned it would be getting $119 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It’s money the county already spent cleaning up debris left over from the storm. (Add in state funds, and Dade County should get about $150 million.) This year, forecasters are predicting a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season: they’re expecting up to 15 named storms – with at least two major hurricanes. On the South Florida Roundup, host Tom Hudson spoke with South Florida’s emergency management bosses: Tracy Jackson of Broward County; Bill Johnson of Palm Beach County; Martin Senterfitt of Monroe County; and Frank Rollason of Miami-Dade
Source: South Florida Emergency Officials Turn To Drones, Mapping Data For 2019 Hurricane Season

Easter Seals Culinary High School Recognized As 'Champions For Children'

The students at Easter Seals Culinary Arts High School in Miami start their day in the kitchen at nine in the morning. They prepare and serve about 200 meals for the other children in the building, ages ranging from a few months to 22 years old. “I like eggs, they can be very versatile, you can make a bunch of different type of eggs,” said 15-year-old Sebastian, student and chef assistant at the culinary arts high school. The program is part of Easter Seals South Florida near Jackson Memorial Hospital, a community center dedicated to providing help and services to those with Alzheimer's, disabilities and children in the autism spectrum and other special needs. Introduced in 1993, the year-round program includes after-school cooking classes and a summer camp. This is the first time the Easter Seals Culinary Youth Development program has been recognized by The Children’s Trust organization. They received the Champions for Children Award for program of the year this week. “[The award]
Source: Easter Seals Culinary High School Recognized As 'Champions For Children'

Wildland Firefighters Face Growing Danger As Fires Increase In Intensity, Frequency

Copyright 2019 Oregon Public Broadcasting. To see more, visit Oregon Public Broadcasting . AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: With wildfires getting more frequent and intense, wildland firefighters face a growing danger from all that smoke. And scientists and fire agencies are only beginning to understand the risks. Jes Burns of Oregon Public Broadcasting and NPR's energy and environment team reports. JES BURNS, BYLINE: When Timothy Ingalsbee thinks back on his days in the '80s and '90s fighting wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, he remembers the adventure of jumping out of a helicopter into the wilderness, the amazing landscapes he worked in and the camaraderie of being on a fire crew. TIMOTHY INGALSBEE: We just slept in a heap, you know, on the ground under the stars or smoke-filled skies. BURNS: But Ingalsbee doesn't want to remember everything. INGALSBEE: I've tried to forget about all the forests I inhaled. BURNS: Every wildland firefighter faces smoke, especially when they're holding fire
Source: Wildland Firefighters Face Growing Danger As Fires Increase In Intensity, Frequency

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